PM Kusum Beneficiary List 2023 – Find Name in PM Kusum Scheme List of Beneficiaries

Welcome to our blog post on the highly anticipated PM Kusum Scheme! If you’re wondering what this scheme is all about and how you can benefit from it, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will not only explain what the PM Kusum Scheme entails but also guide you on how to find your name in the PM Kusum Beneficiary List for 2023. So, get ready to discover a world of opportunities and renewable energy as we dive into the details of this incredible initiative. Let’s get started!

What is PM Kusum Scheme

The PM Kusum Scheme, also known as the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan, is a groundbreaking initiative launched by the Indian government. This scheme aims to provide support and financial incentives to farmers for installing solar pumps, setting up grid-connected renewable power plants on their barren lands, and utilizing solar energy in agriculture.

Under this scheme, farmers can generate electricity for both self-use as well as supply excess energy back to the grid. By harnessing solar power, they can reduce their dependence on expensive diesel-powered pumps and contribute towards sustainable development.

The PM Kusum Scheme offers multiple benefits not only to farmers but also to the environment. It helps in reducing carbon emissions by promoting clean energy sources. Additionally, it enhances farm productivity while cutting down irrigation costs through efficient use of solar pumps.

To make this scheme accessible to all eligible beneficiaries across India, the government has created a comprehensive list of individuals who can avail its benefits. Finding your name in the PM Kusum Beneficiary List will ensure that you can take advantage of various subsidies and incentives provided under this scheme.

In our next section below, we will guide you through the process of finding your name in the PM Kusum Beneficiary List for 2023 and reaping all its associated advantages! So stay tuned!

Who are the Beneficiaries of PM Kusum Scheme

The PM Kusum Scheme is a government initiative aimed at promoting the use of solar energy in agriculture. Under this scheme, farmers are provided with financial assistance to install solar pumps and generate electricity for their agricultural needs. But who exactly are the beneficiaries of this scheme?

Small and marginal farmers across the country stand to benefit from the PM Kusum Scheme. These farmers often face challenges in accessing reliable electricity for irrigation purposes. By installing solar pumps, they can reduce their dependence on traditional power sources and save on electricity costs.

Additionally, farmer producer organizations (FPOs) are also eligible to avail benefits under the PM Kusum Scheme. FPOs play a crucial role in bringing together small-scale farmers and enhancing their collective bargaining power. By enabling FPOs to set up solar projects, the government aims to empower these organizations and improve rural livelihoods.

Moreover, individual entrepreneurs such as start-ups or companies engaged in providing solar-based services can participate in the scheme. This opens up opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship while contributing towards sustainable agricultural practices.

By extending support to small farmers, FPOs, and individual entrepreneurs through the PM Kusum Scheme, the government aims to accelerate renewable energy adoption in agriculture while addressing energy security concerns faced by rural communities.

How to Find Your Name in the PM Kusum Beneficiary List

Finding your name in the PM Kusum Beneficiary List is a crucial step to avail the benefits of this scheme. Fortunately, the process is simple and user-friendly. Here’s how you can find your name in the list:

1. Visit the official website: Start by visiting the official website of PM Kusum Scheme.

2. Locate the beneficiary list: Look for a dedicated section or tab on the website that mentions “Beneficiary List” or something similar.

3. Enter required details: Provide necessary information such as your state, district, village, and other relevant details as prompted on the portal.

4. Submit request: After entering all required details accurately, submit your request to access the beneficiary list.

5. Check eligibility status: Once you have successfully submitted your request, wait for a few moments while the system processes it and displays whether you are eligible for PM Kusum Scheme or not.

6. Find your name: If you are eligible, congratulations! You will be able to see your name in the PM Kusum Beneficiary List along with other important information related to your application.

Remember to keep checking regularly if you don’t find your name initially as updates might occur periodically based on various factors such as verification and approval processes.

What are the Benefits of Being a PM Kusum Beneficiary

Being a beneficiary of the PM Kusum Scheme comes with several benefits that can greatly improve the lives of rural farmers and promote sustainable energy practices. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Financial Support: The scheme provides financial assistance to install solar-powered agricultural pumps, which reduces dependence on costly diesel or grid electricity. This helps farmers save money on irrigation expenses and boosts their income.

2. Reduced Energy Costs: By harnessing solar energy, beneficiaries can significantly reduce their energy costs over time. Solar panels require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan, making them an economical choice for powering agricultural operations.

3. Increased Income Potential: With reliable access to clean energy for irrigation, farmers can cultivate multiple crops throughout the year, leading to increased productivity and higher crop yields. This opens up new opportunities for income generation.

4. Environmental Sustainability: The use of solar pumps under this scheme promotes eco-friendly farming practices by reducing carbon emissions associated with conventional methods like diesel pumps. It also conserves groundwater resources by encouraging efficient water usage through drip irrigation systems.

5. Improved Quality of Life: Access to electricity enhances overall living conditions in rural areas by enabling better household lighting, improved healthcare services, and increased educational opportunities for children.


Community Development: The PM Kusum Scheme fosters community development by creating employment opportunities in manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintenance of solar power systems across rural areas.

Being a PM Kusum beneficiary brings financial support, reduced energy costs,
increased income potential,sustainable farming practices,
improved quality of life,and community development
to farmers in rural India.

How to Apply for PM Kusum Scheme

Applying for the PM Kusum Scheme is a simple and straightforward process. To avail the benefits of this scheme, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website: Start by visiting the official website of PM Kusum Scheme. This is where you will find all the necessary information and guidelines related to the application process.

2. Register as a user: Create an account on the website by providing your basic details such as name, mobile number, and email address. Make sure to choose a strong password to secure your account.

3. Fill in the application form: Once registered, log in to your account and fill in the online application form with accurate information. Provide details like your personal identification, contact details, bank account information, etc.

4. Upload required documents: Ensure that you have all the necessary documents ready before starting your application process. Commonly required documents include Aadhaar card, bank passbook copy, land ownership proof (if applicable), and recent passport-sized photographs.

5. Review and submit: Double-check all the entered information to avoid any mistakes or discrepancies. After verifying everything thoroughly, click on “Submit” to complete your application.

Remember to keep a copy of your submitted application for future reference and correspondence with authorities if needed.

Applying for PM Kusum Scheme is not only an opportunity but also a step towards sustainable energy utilization! So don’t miss out on this chance to contribute towards greener India!



Being a beneficiary of the PM Kusum Scheme can bring multiple benefits to individuals and communities alike. The scheme offers financial support and incentives for the installation of solar pumps, grid-connected renewable power plants, and standalone off-grid solar water pumps.

To find your name in the PM Kusum Beneficiary List for 2023, you can visit the official website or contact your respective state’s nodal agency. It is important to keep track of updates regarding the scheme as new lists are released periodically.

By becoming a PM Kusum beneficiary, you not only contribute towards sustainable agriculture practices but also save on electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions. This initiative plays a crucial role in achieving India’s goal of increasing renewable energy capacity while ensuring access to reliable power for agricultural operations.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss out on applying for the PM Kusum Scheme. Take advantage of this opportunity to embrace clean energy solutions and enhance your agricultural productivity.

Remember, adopting renewable energy sources not only benefits individual farmers but also has far-reaching positive impacts on environmental conservation and national development.

So go ahead, explore the possibilities offered by PM Kusum Scheme, find your name in the beneficiary list, and embark on a journey towards sustainability!

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