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Are you an innovative entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea? Do you dream of protecting your invention and turning it into a successful venture? Look no further than the KSUM Patent Support Scheme! This incredible initiative by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) is designed to empower budding inventors like yourself, providing financial assistance for patent filing and reimbursement. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the KSUM Patent Support Scheme 2023 registration process and guide you through every step towards securing your intellectual property rights. Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your startup to new heights with this remarkable opportunity!

What is the KSUM Patent Support Scheme

The KSUM Patent Support Scheme is a pioneering initiative introduced by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) to foster innovation and protect intellectual property rights of startups in Kerala. This scheme aims to provide financial support for patent filing and reimbursement, enabling entrepreneurs to safeguard their inventions and ideas.

Under this scheme, eligible startups can receive assistance towards the costs associated with filing national or international patents. The support covers expenses such as drafting the patent application, professional fees, search charges, examination fees, and other related costs. By alleviating these financial burdens, the KSUM Patent Support Scheme empowers innovators to focus on developing and commercializing their ideas without worrying about the high expenses involved in protecting their intellectual property.

To be eligible for this scheme, startups must meet certain criteria set by KSUM. They should be registered under the Companies Act 2013 or Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 and have their headquarters or significant operations located in Kerala. Additionally, they need to hold a valid certificate of recognition from KSUM or Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP).

By participating in this initiative, entrepreneurs not only gain access to financial support but also benefit from expert guidance throughout the patent filing process. The dedicated team at KSUM assists startups with drafting applications and provides valuable insights into intellectual property protection strategies.

The KSUM Patent Support Scheme plays a crucial role in nurturing an ecosystem that encourages innovation while ensuring adequate protection for startup ventures. It serves as a catalyst for economic growth by incentivizing creativity and facilitating knowledge-driven entrepreneurship across industries.

With its commitment towards fostering technological advancements and empowering inventors within Kerala’s vibrant startup ecosystem, it’s no wonder that the KSUM Patent Support Scheme has garnered immense popularity among aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to secure their innovative ideas.

In our next section, we will explore who is eligible for this remarkable scheme! Stay tuned!

Who is eligible for the scheme

Who is eligible for the KSUM Patent Support Scheme? This is a question that many entrepreneurs and innovators in Kerala may be asking. Well, let’s dive into the eligibility criteria to find out.

Individuals or startups based in Kerala can apply for this scheme. Whether you are a registered company or just starting out, as long as you have an innovative idea or technology that needs patent protection, you are eligible.

Your innovation should fall under one of the priority sectors identified by KSUM which includes IT/ITES, Electronics & Hardware Manufacturing, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Agriculture & Food Processing, Clean Technology and Renewable Energy.

Additionally, it is important to note that only those innovations which have not been filed for patent before are eligible. So if you’ve already started the process of obtaining a patent for your invention or technology elsewhere, unfortunately you won’t be able to avail the benefits of this scheme.

Applicants must also provide necessary documentation such as proof of concept and prototype details along with their application. This helps KSUM assess the viability and potential impact of your innovation.


The KSUM Patent Support Scheme offers great opportunities for innovators and startups in Kerala to protect their intellectual property through patents. By understanding the eligibility criteria outlined above and ensuring that all requirements are met when applying online at startupmission.kerala.gov.in before the deadline date (which will vary each year), entrepreneurs can take advantage of this scheme to safeguard their innovative ideas and technologies from infringement while also receiving financial support towards reimbursement fees associated with filing patents. Don’t miss out on this chance – apply today!

What are the benefits of the scheme

The KSUM Patent Support Scheme offers several benefits to startups and innovators in Kerala. By registering for the scheme, participants gain access to various support services that can significantly enhance their patenting process.

One of the key advantages of the scheme is financial assistance. Startups selected under this program are eligible for reimbursement of up to 80% of the total expenses incurred during the patent filing process. This can help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with securing a patent, making it more affordable for entrepreneurs.

Additionally, participants receive expert guidance and mentoring throughout their patent journey. The scheme provides access to experienced professionals who can offer valuable insights and advice on drafting patent specifications, conducting prior art searches, and navigating through legal requirements.

Moreover, being part of the KSUM Patent Support Scheme opens doors to networking opportunities within Kerala’s startup ecosystem. Participants can connect with fellow innovators, investors, industry experts, and potential collaborators. These connections not only foster knowledge-sharing but also increase visibility and create avenues for future collaborations or funding prospects.

Furthermore, successful applicants gain recognition from Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) as they become part of an esteemed community recognized for their innovative ideas and efforts in advancing technology solutions.

Participating in the KSUM Patent Support Scheme not only provides financial aid but also invaluable guidance, networking prospects,and recognition within Kerala’s thriving startup ecosystem.

How to apply for the scheme

To apply for the KSUM Patent Support Scheme 2023, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the official website: To start your application process, visit the official website of Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) at startupmission.kerala.gov.in. This is where you will find all the necessary information and resources related to the scheme.

2. Read the guidelines: Before proceeding with your application, make sure to carefully read and understand the guidelines provided by KSUM. These guidelines will give you a clear idea about the eligibility criteria, required documents, and other important details.

3. Create an account: Next, create an account on the KSUM portal by providing your basic details such as name, email address, and contact number. Make sure to choose a strong password to protect your account.

4. Fill in the application form: Once you have created an account, log in using your credentials and navigate to the “Apply Now” section for the Patent Support Scheme. Fill in all the required fields accurately with relevant information regarding your innovation or invention.

5. Upload supporting documents: Along with your application form, you will be required to submit certain supporting documents as specified by KSUM. These may include proof of concept, research papers, patent-related documents (if any), etc.


Submit your application: After filling in all the necessary details and uploading supporting documents successfully, review your application once again for any errors or omissions. Once satisfied with everything,


Track Application Status : After submitting your online application along wih documentations , You can track yor Application status from time yo tie until selection procedure gets completed

Remember that timely submission of applications is crucial as late submissions may not be considered.
So don’t miss out on this opportunity! Apply now for KSUM Patent Support Scheme 2023 and take a step closer towards realizing your innovative dreams!

Deadline for submission of application

The deadline for submission of applications for the KSUM Patent Support Scheme 2023 is an important aspect to keep in mind. With any government scheme, there are specific timelines that need to be followed in order to ensure a smooth application process.

For this particular scheme, it is crucial to submit your application before the designated deadline. This ensures that your request will be considered and reviewed by the relevant authorities. Missing the deadline can result in your application being rejected or delayed until the next cycle.

To avoid any last-minute rush or potential glitches, it is advisable to gather all required documents and information well in advance. This will give you ample time to review everything and make necessary adjustments if needed.

It’s important to note that deadlines are typically non-negotiable, so it’s essential to plan accordingly and submit your application on time. Keep track of any updates or announcements regarding the deadline through official channels such as the KSUM website or notifications from Startup Mission Kerala.

By adhering to the submission deadline, you maximize your chances of securing support under this scheme and advancing towards obtaining patents for your innovative ideas or inventions. So mark those calendars and ensure you meet all requirements before submitting your application!



1. What is the KSUM Patent Support Scheme?
The KSUM Patent Support Scheme is a government initiative aimed at providing financial support to startups and entrepreneurs in Kerala for filing patents. It encourages innovation and protects intellectual property by helping eligible individuals or organizations cover the costs associated with patent filing.

2. Who is eligible for the scheme?
To be eligible for the KSUM Patent Support Scheme, applicants must meet certain criteria set by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM). This includes being a registered startup or entrepreneur based in Kerala, having a unique innovative idea that can be patented, and demonstrating potential commercial viability of the invention.

3. What are the benefits of the scheme?
Through this scheme, selected applicants will receive reimbursement of up to 50% of expenses incurred towards filing national or international patents, subject to a maximum limit determined by KSUM. The financial support provided can help startups and entrepreneurs reduce their financial burden and encourage them to protect their inventions through patents.

4. How to apply for the scheme?
To apply for the KSUM Patent Support Scheme, interested individuals or organizations need to visit the official website of Kerala Startup Mission (startupmission.kerala.gov.in) and navigate to the relevant section dedicated to patent support. They will find detailed instructions on how to fill out and submit an online application form along with any necessary supporting documents.

5. Deadline for submission of application
The deadline for submitting applications under this scheme may vary from year to year as per announcements made by KSUM. Therefore, it is important for aspiring applicants to regularly check updates on the official website or contact KSUM directly for accurate information regarding deadlines.

In conclusion,
The KSUM Patent Support Scheme offers valuable opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs in Kerala who have innovative ideas that can be protected through patents. By providing financial assistance towards patent filing expenses, this initiative aims to foster creativity, incentivize entrepreneurship, and contribute towards building a thriving ecosystem of intellectual property in the state. If you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss out

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