PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana (PMKKKY) Guidelines PDF

Introduction to PMKKKY

Welcome to our blog post on the PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana (PMKKKY) Guidelines PDF! If you’re looking for information about this government scheme and how it can benefit you, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be delving into the objectives of PMKKKY, who is eligible to avail its benefits, and how you can apply for it. So, grab a cup of tea and let’s explore this initiative that aims to bring prosperity and development to mining areas across India!

What are the objectives of PMKKKY

The PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana (PMKKKY) is a government initiative that aims to ensure the welfare of people in mining-affected areas. Through this scheme, the government intends to address the social and economic challenges faced by communities residing near mining sites.

One of the main objectives of PMKKKY is to provide for the infrastructure development of these regions. This includes building roads, schools, hospitals, water supply systems, and other essential amenities. By improving infrastructure facilities, it becomes easier for local residents to access basic services and lead better lives.

Another objective is focused on ensuring sustainable livelihoods for affected individuals and communities. The scheme aims to promote skill development programs that can enhance employability opportunities for locals. It also encourages entrepreneurship initiatives in sectors such as agriculture, agro-processing industries, tourism, etc., which can generate income sources and create employment prospects.

Furthermore, PMKKKY seeks to preserve and restore the environment impacted by mining activities. The program emphasizes environmental conservation measures like afforestation projects or land reclamation efforts to reclaim degraded lands caused by mining operations.

PMKKKY strives towards achieving comprehensive development in mineral-rich areas while focusing on addressing issues related to infrastructure deficits, livelihood enhancement opportunities, and environmental restoration.

Who is eligible for PMKKKY

Who is eligible for PMKKKY?

The PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana (PMKKKY) is a welfare scheme aimed at the development of areas affected by mining activities. It focuses on providing funds for the benefit and well-being of people living in these regions. But who exactly is eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme? Let’s find out.

Individuals belonging to families affected by mining operations are eligible for assistance under PMKKKY. This includes both directly affected households as well as those indirectly impacted by mining activities.

Communities residing within a 5 km radius of the lease or license area are also considered eligible beneficiaries. The aim here is to ensure that even those living in close proximity but not directly impacted can benefit from the scheme.

Priority is given to vulnerable sections such as women, children, senior citizens, and differently-abled individuals. This ensures that those most in need receive necessary support and aid.

It should be noted that eligibility criteria may vary slightly depending on the state or region where the mining activity takes place. Therefore, it is important to refer to specific guidelines provided by respective authorities for accurate information regarding eligibility requirements.

PMKKKY aims to uplift and empower communities affected by mining operations by providing them with opportunities for growth and development.

What are the benefits of PMKKKY

The PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana (PMKKKY) is a government initiative that aims to bring about holistic development in areas affected by mining activities. This scheme offers numerous benefits to the communities residing in these regions.

PMKKKY focuses on improving the quality of life for individuals living near mines. It provides access to healthcare facilities, education, and skill development opportunities. This ensures that the local population can lead healthier and more prosperous lives.

PMKKKY promotes sustainable livelihoods by creating employment opportunities through various projects. These initiatives include setting up vocational training centers and promoting entrepreneurship among locals. By fostering economic empowerment, the scheme helps reduce poverty levels in these areas.

Furthermore, PMKKKY emphasizes environmental conservation efforts by utilizing funds for afforestation and land reclamation activities. The aim is to restore ecological balance and minimize the negative impact of mining operations on surrounding ecosystems.

In addition, under this scheme, infrastructure development projects such as roads, bridges, drinking water supply systems are undertaken to improve connectivity and basic amenities in mining-affected regions.

The benefits of PMKKKY are far-reaching as they address social welfare issues while also focusing on environmental sustainability and economic growth for communities living near mines.

How to apply for PMKKKY

To apply for the PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana (PMKKKY), follow these simple steps:

1. Gather the necessary documents: Before applying, make sure you have all the required documents handy. These may include proof of identity, address proof, income certificate, and land ownership documents.

2. Visit the official website: Go to the official website of PMKKKY or the respective state government’s portal where you can find detailed information about the scheme and forms to be filled.

3. Fill out the application form: Download and fill out the application form with accurate details. Make sure to double-check all your entries before submitting.

4. Attach supporting documents: Scan and attach all relevant supporting documents as per the instructions provided in the application form.

5. Submit your application: Once you have completed filling out the form and attaching necessary documents, submit it through online mode or offline mode as specified by authorities.

6. Keep track of your application status: After submission, keep a record of your application number or acknowledgement receipt for future reference. You can also check on its progress periodically using any tracking facility available on their website.

Remember to accurately provide all required information while applying for PMKKKY to avoid any delays in processing your request.



The PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana (PMKKKY) is a significant initiative by the Government of India to ensure the sustainable development of mining-affected areas. The scheme aims to address the socio-economic and environmental concerns associated with mining activities.

By providing funds for various developmental projects, PMKKKY aims to uplift the lives of people residing in these regions. The guidelines provided in the PDF document help streamline the implementation process and ensure transparency.

It is important for eligible individuals and communities to familiarize themselves with the guidelines outlined in the PMKKKY Guidelines PDF. By understanding the eligibility criteria, benefits, and application process, they can take advantage of this scheme’s offerings effectively.

The PMKKKY not only focuses on mitigating adverse impacts but also emphasizes long-term community welfare through infrastructure development, healthcare facilities, education initiatives, skill training programs, and more.

By promoting sustainable development practices in mining-affected areas across India through PMKKKY, we can pave an inclusive path towards progress while preserving our environment. Let us all work together to make a positive difference in these communities’ lives!

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